​​​​​​​​​Mistress Bettie  Bondage

About Mistress Bettie Bondage

I am a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix and Mistress.

I am a sexy, curvy Sadist. When you address Me, you will use Mistress or Ma'am at all times. I expect you to be clean, well groomed, and respectful. Obey Me without hesitation and W/we will have no issues. 

I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of BDSM and a REAL Sadist who derives pure pleasure in your suffering. I revel in your willingness to take the pain that I enjoy delivering. Your suffering is what puts a smile on My face and makes Me giddy and laugh.

Bite your tongue and know your place or I will put you in it.  Your desire to worship, grovel, and serve at the feet of a true and womanly Goddess should be reflected in each and every action.  My curves, scent, and voice are nothing short of hypnotizing as you will discover.

There is nothing you can fantasize about or come up with that would shock Me. I dont think of many things as TOO taboo.

A few of the things I specialize in:

  • CBT
  • *Medical play
  • *Domestic training
  • *Electricity
  • *Floggings
  • *OTK
  • *Ball busting
  • *Face slapping
  • *Paddles 
  • *Corporal 
  • *Canings
  • *Creative Clothespining 
  • *Smoking fetish
  • *Wax
  • *Humiliation  

All forms of worship and the list can go on for EVER...

I do love new ideas... as well as open minds.  If there is a fetish you desire that I do not have listed email Me for consideration.*